Recieved an email from

  • Can anyone tell me if this is legit from funimation? And if so what is it for? says "Access to group 1200 Media.

    thanks for any help :)

  • NetSuite looks to be a software package for web development, and "Group 1200 Media" is the corporate name for Funimation Productions as of a few months ago ("Funimation" is now just a brand name), so it's possible it's legit.

    Why it was sent to you, I don't know. Unless you recently applied for a job with Funi.

  • Notice it says that for security reasons that cannot email your password to you, which makes no sense because that mean they would need some otther less efficient method to communicate and/or personal data. I did reply to the email, and two weeks later there is still no further reply. Nothing has been fixed, no attempt at help, no communication from them or any FUNImation rep. This has progressed way beyond bad customer service.

  • Are Zeuginw and Ralivara the same person or did you receive the same email or what?

    Funimation do appear to use Netsuite.

    It is pretty common not to sent password in emails since they are plaintext and can be intercepted (i.e. a lot of sites that require a login will reset your password to a temporary one that will need to be changed after the first use, or send an expiring link you can go to to set a new password yourself). However, as far as the forums go the password reset emails come from and make no mention of Group 1200.

    There is this on FUNimation's facebook (via google):

    What is the email about?

    From what they said a few posts down, it is coming from them. It's supposed to be a way to check accounts that have duplicate emails in their system to see if those email addresses are legit.

    Not been able to find this other post they mention though.

  • Thanks for the replies. And I'm not the same person as Z, so they must have received the same email.

  • I have also received that same email. And I have cancelled my subscription awhile ago and I am still being charged and now I'm starting to wonder what's going on here

  • NetSuite is a Cloud based ERP a CRM system, Funimation probably use this to for the back-end system and to host their website.

  • NetSuite powers the Shop only. The rest of the site, i.e. any URL not beginning with "", is hosted elsewhere and is completely custom.

    Group 1200 is our parent company. is a real email address in Group 1200's email system. What you received was most likely legit and was probably used to confirm your email address as valid on the Shop side based on what @Shiroi Hane posted.

    Please submit a ticket at for help and/or questions.

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