2015 Anime Villains Tournament, Round 1, Match 57

  • The final day of the first round begins, so time to make or break 7jaws7.

    Tohru Adachi - Persona 4: The Animation vs. Kneesocks Daemon - Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

  • Adachi.


  • Gonna try and push my favorite egocentrical police dick: Tohru Adachi.

    MAJOR SPOILERS BY THE WAY (Although Adachi already being here IS A SPOILER ITSELF, similar to Junko).

    Adachi is originally introduced as a rookie cop who is investigating a series of mysterious supernatural murders and kidnappings going on in the rural town of Inaba. This is directly related to a thing called the Midnight Channel where on a rainy day at midnight, if you stare into a television on a rainy night you can see something in the TV without even turning it on. Basically people are getting thrown into the TV which leads to a world of shadows and monsters on the other side. If someone is left in the TV world unchecked, they'll die.

    Basically the game you are with a bunch of kids who gain a power called Persona, yadda yadda trying to find the culprit responsible for these murders and kidnappings and bring them to justice. Long story short, the culprit is revealed to be Adachi.

    Before the reveal that he was the true culprit, Adachi was seen as a bit of an airheaded rookie who was a bit of a klutz. However, once he is outed, his true nature and motive is revealed. He finds out about the midnight channel and manages to throw the first 2 victims into the TV world where they effectively would turn up dead afterwards, as well as manipulating another person into doing his dirty work on the idea that he would "save" the victims.

    Adachi is an egotist, sexist, arrogant and spiteful being who due to circumstances that present themselves to him, he uses to his advantage and decides to have fun with the entire situation in order to find entertainment in the entire ordeal. He's kind of crazy and psychotic while also being very angry with the way the world works. He's also a pretty devious character and effectively murdered two people as well as cause a whle lot of trouble indirectly throughout Persona 4 before his inevitable reveal. There's a lot more to him and the story as a whole but I don't wanna go into an ENTIRE SUMMARY. However this whole scene should sum up Adachi as a character and as a villain pretty well for me.


  • Okay, the Demon Sisters might be a lost cause.

    Still voting for them :P

  • Kneesocks Daemon gets my vote.

  • My vote goes to Tohru Adachi.

  • Voting for Adachi. I like the Demon Sisters, but they pale in comparisson to Adachi.

    The complete transformation in his persona (hahahaha) is bone chilling.

  • I've yet to see Persona 4, nor have I played the games so I'll go with Kneesocks

  • Adachi for me.

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