2015 Anime Villains Tournament, Round 1, Match 63

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    Devil Homura - Madoka Magica: Rebellion vs. Ali Al-Saachez - Gundam 00

  • Homucifer. She

    ! separates Madoka from her goddess identity (and memories), rewrites the universe, and traps Madoka and her friends in a world of her own design, depriving them of their own free will because she's convinced it's the only way to keep Madoka safe and happy. She doesn't even care if people see her as evil.

  • On one hand, Devil Homura is a brilliant character, and if you paid attention to her in the series at all, you would perfectly understand her motivations and see why they make complete sense. Although, I'm not sure I'd call her evil. Her actions are motivated by selfishness, but the end result isn't exactly something I'd call evil because

    ! while the new world she creates serves as a cage for Madoka, and all the people in it lack any kind of free will or any of their memories, no one was actually truly suffering in it (except for Kyubey and arguably Homura herself). Quite the opposite actually, almost everyone's happy in it. She even went to the trouble of making it so that Bebe still existed, just so that Mami wouldn't be lonely. That doesn't strike me as someone who's truly evil. Hell, all of her talk about being "the Devil" just strikes me as empty rhetoric reflective of her deep self-loathing. She's also aware of the fact that what she did was wrong, and hates herself even more for betraying Madoka's trust and friendship like that. But she doesn't care. She'll gladly shoulder the burden of her terrible choices if it means making the world, and especially Madoka, happy, even if it's only what she believes will make them happy. I'd more call her tragically evil or even ambiguously evil.

    On the other hand, Ali is so deliciously evil that I can't even come up with the proper words to describe him. He freely admits to being the worst human being alive, all with with a twisted and terrifying grin. Plus, Scott McNeil.

    So, I think I might go with Ali.

  • Being Meguca is suffering.

    Giving it to Devil Homura.

  • @Heavenspiercing:

    Although, I'm not sure I'd call her evil. Her actions are motivated by selfishness, but the end result isn't exactly something I'd call evil.


    'Nuff said.

  • @Heavenspiercing:

    -snip for space-

    All this is true, and is why I don't hate her or Rebellion. It felt like such a natural extension of her story and I sympathized with how she felt and why she made the choices she did, but for me at least it doesn't change what she did even if her actions didn't cause any real pain or suffering. I really hope they make a follow-up someday, but at the same time I sorta feel like it's fine the way it is.

  • Ali Al-Saachez gets my vote.

  • My vote goes to Ali Al-Saachez.

  • I've only seen the TV series (thanks Netflix), but even that is enough to see how far she'd go to prevent what eventually happens to her friends at the end of the series. Homura gets my vote.

  • I just refuse to accept Homura as a villain and I've never watched Gundam 00, so I choose not to vote.

    EDIT: I change my mind. I will vote for Al-saachez, because Scott McNeil.

  • like heavenspiercing said, i'd call Homura tragically evil

    if this was a "best characters" tourney rather than a "best villains" tourney, i'd vote for her without a second thought, but i personally feel Ali Al-Saachez is the better villain here

  • Voting for Ali Al-Saachez

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