Question Regarding Simulcasts

  • So I'm fairly new to this entire site so things like the simulcast is new to me so i was just curious are the casts done in dubbed or subbed format or does it depend on the show. The reason I ask is because one of my favorite shows apparently airs on the simulcast on Friday but to my knowledge its only been dubbed to a certain episode so far.

    So I guess what I'm asking is if i were to watch the Simulcast version does that mean i would be watching the latest dubbed episode. Sorry if this is really confusing. Along with being new here I'm horrible at explaining things. :P

  • A simulcast is an episode of an anime made available with subtitles a few hours after it has aired in Japan. occasionally they might be airing a show that is on a week long delay. this has been a thing for several years now

    the new thing that Funimation is doing, which they started last season, is broadcast dubbing. The Idea here is they dub a show using the broadcast version of a show they have rather than wait for the finalized version to get to them long after the show has aired. they plan to keep doing this for a number of shows each season, about a month or so after the show has begun airing in Japan, one episode a week.

  • Awesome thanks for the info

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