Mobile/Tablet apps Notifications Not Working

  • We have noticed an issue where notifications on the mobile and tablet apps are not functioning as expected.

    This issue has been reported to the developers, but I'd like to collect some more information about this issue.

    Instead of submitting a ticket for this particular issue, could you please post a screenshot of any strange notifications you might have received to this thread? Please also include your device type, your operating system and the version number of your FUNimation app.


    Issue Status

    Affects: some shows on the app– still investigating if this is just certain shows, or all shows
    Status: confirmed some odd behavior, bur still investigating
    Troubleshooting: none.

  • Here are two iOS notification center pictures, one of my iPhone 4S (working properly and running iOS 8.1.3 with app Version 2.10.938 at the time), and my iPad Air 1st generation (not working properly and running iOS 8.1.3 with app Version 2.10.938 at the time). I have already reported this issue, but I thought I'd just show you what it looked like.

  • Samsung Galaxy S 6 with the lollipop os FUNimation app v2.4.535
    This error happens when im using mobile data. The app functions fine when im on a wifi network

  • No videos are loading on my iphone 6 version 8.4.1. Worked fine on Tuesday, but nothing on Thursday or Friday 10/1 & 10/2.

  • @kungfubunni - please make a ticket if your videos are not working– that is not the issue that this thread is about. This is just for data collection for notification issues. Thanks!

  • I have Problem with the Free App of Funimation on the Ipad everytime I want to enjoy a Show I want to Watch keep Closing It pretty Annoying since I'm Paying to get the service that should be working on my Device.

  • @Shirayukihime18 - Please make a ticket about this issue here: if you have not already done so. Thanks!


    And, actually, I'm going to close this thread and de-sticky it, as the new apps announced on will not have this same issue.

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