Blank Player in Middle of Video - RESOLVED?

  • (This is NOT the same issue as not being able to begin watching a video due to a blank/black player. If you are unable to view videos at all, you have a different issue.)

    We're currently investigating an issue where videos will play for a few minutes for a user and then stop playing– the feed does not buffer, it just stops completely and the player goes blank.

    The issue is not specific to a video and is only happening to a very small subset of users. However, these users so far have not had anything in common as we have been troubleshooting the issue.

    We are still investigating this issue.

    Please DO continue to make new tickets about this issue, and follow this thread for any updates.

    Thank you for your patience!

    Issue Status

    Affects: a very, very small number of users
    Status: we have not been able to reproduce or find any correlation between the users experiencing this issue– still investigating.
    Troubleshooting: None.

  • I'm closing this issue. I haven't seen this issue appearing in the same fashion as it was happening when I was seeing it before in over a month at this point.

    Still not sure what was causing it, but I think it's stopped now, at least in it's original form.

  • We are seeing a different Suddenly Blank Player issue with a completely different cause as of 06/11 - please see this thread for more information on this issue:

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