English Dub Possible Voice Actors

  • With the English dub coming in two weeks, I figured I would ask who most of you guys think would be best suited for the roles of the various characters. For me, some of my choices are as follows:

    Cristina Vee: Cerebela (Skullgirls), Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon), Rei (Kill La Kill)
    Rina Chan: Izumi Kamiki (Blue Exorcist), Marie (Skullgirls), Princesses (Castle Crashers)
    Cherami Leigh: Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail), Patty Thompson (Soul Eater), Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon)

    Kimlinh Tran: Ms. Fortune (Skullgirls), Mikasa (Attack on Titan Abridged), Granda (TOME)
    Stephanie Young: Nico Robin (One Piece), Arachne (Soul Eater), Nisha (Borderlands)

    Colleen Cinkenbeard: Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece), Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail), Kid Gohan (Dragon Ball)

    Todd Haberkorn: Death The Kid (Soul Eater), Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail), Jadeite (Sailor Moon)

  • Maria
    Cristina Vee: Not gonna happen. She's an L.A. actress. Also she doesn't voice Mako; that would be Christine Marie Cabanos.
    Rina Chan: Who? Oh, you mean Kira Buckland? Yeah, also not gonna happen. Again, she's an L.A. actress.
    Cherami Leigh: Possible, but probably not. She's also an L.A. actress, but she still spends a lot of time in Dallas doing Fairy Tail. Probably not long enough to do a broadcast dub, though.

    Kimlinh Tran: Not only is she an L.A. actress, but she's barely worked on any anime ever.
    Stephanie Young: Okay, yes. This one I can agree on.

    Colleen Clinkenbeard: You do know Priapus is a boy, right? So unless you want him sounding like Luffy, I'd pick someone else.

    Todd Haberkorn: …..You DO realize Ezekiel is a girl, right?

  • 0_0… Okay. Made some mistakes. First off, Cristina Vee does do a voice in Kill La Kill, I just got the wrong character. As for for the Ezekiel incident. that was just me putting down the wrong character again. I actually meant Michael (I'm fairly certain Michael is a guy. if not, then nevermind this one). I was a bit quick with my post and thinking of the names of the angels.... sorry for the mixups.... Also yeah. Luffy voice for Priapus. He just seems to be one of those male characters who should have a female voice actor.

    Still wouldn't mind hearing other choices.

  • Personally, my choice would be:

    Maria - Luci Christian (only choice, final answer)
    Artemis - Lydia Mackay (or Stephanie Young, or Colleen Clinkenbeard)
    Priapus - Greg Ayers (or Josh Grelle, or Terri Doty)
    Ezekiel - Felecia Angelle (or Jad Saxton, or Monica Rial, or Brynn Apprill)
    Joseph - Clifford Chapin (or Micah Solusod)
    Michael - Todd Haberkorn (or, again, Micah Solusod)

  • Michael's got a gender neutral voice going on, so I don't think Todd would be a good choice to replicate that

  • @Getchman:

    Michael's got a gender neutral voice going on, so I don't think Todd would be a good choice to replicate that

    I dunno, Todd did pretty well as Apos as well.

  • right, forgot about that slime ball

  • you know what, Here's some people I think would actually be god for Ezekiel in an attempt to fix the issue of my previous incident

    Jad Saxton: Carla (Fairy Tail), kid Robin (One Piece), Nona (Death Parade)
    Luci Christian: Nami (One Piece), Margaret (Madlax), Medusa (Soul Eater)
    Stephanie Sheh: Hinata (Naruto), Histoire (Hyperdimension Neptunia), Nui Harime (Kill La Kill) (And yes! I checked! She does play Nui Harime)

  • How does everyone feel about the turnout? I know I'm a year late asking this, I'm just curious.

  • All things said and done, it's not bad. It could definitely use some work in a few areas, though.

  • didn't really care much for Jerry as Priapos, but I liked the rest of the cast

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