2015 Anime Villains Tournament, Round 1, Match 46

  • Not one but two first timers in the same match, so good news for one of ya. :P

    Chrollo Lucifer - Hunter x Hunter vs. Shukuro Tsukishima - Bleach

  • ….Crap.

    This one...is actually a little bit difficult for me. Because both of them are really good villains.

    Chrollo Lucifer is the leader of a gang of powerful thieves called the Phantom's Troupe, who is a calm and intelligent leader. He's a guy who does not fear his own demise at all, acknowledging that his goal even if he were to die would be that he wants the Phantom Troupe to survive, as he does not fear death, as he claims to walk beside it. He is close with the members of the Troupe and they all acknowledge how powerful he is but even respect him for what he does and grows attached to each other, that when one of them is killed by an unknown assassin, they go on a rampage of death and destruction, as he stands by watching them, orchestrating a requiem for his fallen comrade. A requiem of blood. Spoilers mind you, but it pretty much is one of the best scenes that establishes Chrollo as a badass, as well as shows just how deadly he and his Phantom Troupe are. He's a great and interesting villain from a great show.


    As for Tsukishima…okay I really dislike Bleach. It's a show that has a lot of good character and potential but the further the show goes along the more convoluted and ridiculous it became. I also really worked hard to vote against Aizen because he's such an overpowered EVERYTHING WAS IN MY PLAN ALL ALONG kind of character that really ticked me off. Even after the Aizen stuff Bleach's time skip was interesting. Ultimately the Fullbring arc wasn't all that great, but like most of Bleach it has some really interesting and daresay even really GOOD ideas.

    One of those...was Tsukishima. Tsukishima himself, while his character in itself was just a kind of cool collective villain, his power was one of the most interesting and frightening ideas. He had the power to essentially re-write himself into a person's memories by slashing them with his sword. Essentially to those he used this on, he managed to essentially place himself into some of the most crucial moments of their lives, and they would recognize him, a complete strange prior, as someone very precious. He essentially is Ichigo's enemy at this point and it is very clear he is one Ichigo must face, but the further he gets, the more and more people in Ichigo's life now warmly recognize Tsukishima as a precious important person, so everyone practically turns on him upset and confused as to why Ichigo is attacking their close friend Tsukishima, who has been with them in their most important and dire moments....simply because he placed himself there, pretty much changing their entire memory and making himself a bigger figure because of it. I feel like while Tsukishima's character itself is a little on the weak side (even MORE SO when it's revealed he is ACTUALLY not the big bad guy, rather he is just the accomplice) Tsukishima's power in itself is one of the most interesting and terrifying ideas. If people vote for him, I will totally understand.

    However, just on a whim, I feel Chrollo is slightly the more devious and evil, because he has massacred innocent people, even killing Kurapika's entire clan all for the purpose of stealing their precious eyes. He's merciless and brutal, while also very deceiving and unsuspecting too, making his true nature and intentions all the more dangerous and fascinating. Also he's just a really cool looking character too, despite all this too.

    This has been a REALLY LONG POST MIND YOU. I have given reasons why I think both characters have very worthwhile elements about themselves that would warrant either being worthy combatants. But of the two..........my vote goes to Chrollo Lucifer.

  • Haven't seen Hunter x Hunter. So I'm giving it to Tsukishima.

    He can screw with your head in ways that other villains can't even dream of.

  • My vote goes to Shukuro Tsukishima.

  • My vote goes to Shukuro Tsukishima.

  • Once again, two villains I am unfamiliar with, so I shall abstain from voting.

  • I love Chrollo as a villain.
    He's extremely charismatic and is able to make himself appear/seem harmless and friendly while all the while furthering his own plans. That takes a lot of planning and skills in order to implement properly.

    classyspartan did an AMAZING job describing what makes him so great and the scene that they posted in the video is one of my favorite scenes in all of Hunter x Hunter

  • Tsukishima's pretty cool, so i'll give it to him

    i don't see myself watching HxH anytime soon anyway, cuz lolover100episodeslol

  • What classyspartan had to say on the subject has me sold, at least for this round. Chrollo Lucifer it is!

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