A little help

  • Hello Everyone,
    Some of you may remember me for creating a thread while back,which ultimately lead me to writng scripts for the sequel.
    Thing is it has been really tough on me writing it due to pressure of academics. Writing it requires a lot of concentration,lots of time nad sometimes I feel like I can't do both things together, although I really want to write but sometimes it becomes serious pain and many times it ends up depressing me.It takes a lot of courage to pull myself together and start writing again but same things happen sooner or later,I have completed 4th episode and I am probably in midway of episode 5 ,I am pulling myself together again but I wouldn't deny the fact that there is still a lot of tension in my head concerning my academic[IT field] career vs my writing career .
    I just saw the video where Jared Padlecki told us to keep on fighting it has helped me a little in a way.
    So you guys mind sharing your views about it or some suggestions regarding my subject? (I will really be grateful)

  • Whatchu talkin' about, Willis? I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I don't quite understand what you're talking about. What, exactly, is it that you're writing? And are you saying that you want help with writing ideas? Or ideas on how to manage your time? Or what?

  • Abhishek, this is a problem that anyone with a creative bent goes through. There's always a balance of doing what you have to do to make a living (or in your case, get through school), and doing what feeds your soul. Some lucky few are able to make a living through their passion, but the rest of us muddle through as best we can.

    Just remember, you are not alone in fighting this battle. I'm a writer who works a day job, and I write when I have time. I believe I remember CJ, the admin here, saying that he or she (sorry, CJ! I don't know whether you're a guy or a girl!) is a writer, too, but CJ works for Funimation.

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