IOS Crashes Consistantly - RESOLVED (sort of)

  • We are currently investigating an issue where a very small number of users are reporting constant crashing on our mobile app.

    We have not been able to reproduce these issues, though this particular issue only seems to be affecting iOS users with iPods or iPhones at this time.

    If you are going to make a ticket about this issue, please know that we have no resolution at this time– however please do continue to make tickets as we are continuing to gather as much data as possible about the issue. For this particular issue, please submit your support request through the app if possible.

    If it is not possible to submit the support request through the apps Info page (presumably because of the crashing) then please include the following information in your support ticket:

    Version of FUNimation App:
    iOS/Android Version:
    Device Type:

    Thank you for your patience!

    Issue Status

    Affects: a growing number of users but not everyone, iPod and iPhone users, Paid and Free apps
    Status: Under investigation.
    Troubleshooting: none.

  • This issue has been mostly identified as users reporting the 0:00 issue as a crash. Taking out those reports, we have not had further crashing reports as a wide-spread issue (though some users may be experiencing some crashing) so I'm removing this/calling it resolved.

    We're still working on a solution to the 0:00 issue.

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