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    SO far from what I have seen the show have been great. The play on Maria innocence to sexuality form her familiar Artemis is funny. She is honest to wanting to end the fighting around her and doesn't do like other show have done and make her wanting to end war for the world. Since she's been marked by the church of the heavens though, that is she looses her purity she looses her power, been a little worried that they might have a bad turn for the show. And in recent events seeing how Bernard seems to have a plan to have her raped it would seem. With the help of Galfa, It only helps to strengthen those worries.

    But so far all in all the show has been interesting and entertaining.

  • this is one of my favorite shows of this season.


    Bernard seems to have a plan to have her raped

    i was thinking the exact same thing.

  • Bernard is defiantly a crazy character. Now he seems to be swayed in his faith by what maria is saying about how she feels. And kisses her foot. I almost wanted to quit the show once she lost her magic. Though for sure that galfa had raped her. Luckily he's just been drugged with something. The little skirmish between Viv and Michael should be interesting too. And Ezekiel is bugging me now too. first she wants Maria to lose her purity and magic. Then when she is doing what she is suppose to according to Michael, she purposely misses killing Maria. Was thinking was beginning to understand Maria a bit but then she goes back to saying she should just lose it again. Now with this mess she wants to protect maria again. She certainly is a confusing one.

  • Well with maria captured she's now been thinking about why shes' been doing what she's been doing. And doesn't find her answer. With her to be burned at the stake Ezekiel begs Maria to be loyal to the church, but when she refuses, she seemly gives up on maria all together. Again disappointing since at one point she seemed like she was just starting to understand maria. Lucky just before her burning, the woman Viv had been visiting manages to save her, reluctantly since she merely wished to live in solitude. And heads off with maria. Meanwhile Joseph runs into Galfa who now tries to kill him..

  • it looks like the other witches are going to support maria. edwina is looking to be alot more powerful than she thinks ,or that she is making us belive she is weak.
    as far as michael he is just a big d to me.

  • I'm thinking Edwina was a powerful witch as some point. And must have had some kind of altercation with the church of heaven and went into seclusion perhaps?

  • Well we see Joseph and Galfa fighting. And luckily for Joseph, Maria arrives just in time to save him. And after some freak out time about his purpose in life and some rather interesting words form Maria. He realizes what he wants to do and finally commits to it. Meanwhile Maria's magic returns, seemingly stronger than before. And in a fit of excitement at getting her new boyfriend, Maria is summoned by Michael.

  • Well the end has come. with some unique twists maria tell Michael that she will forgive God this once, and after asking the beings of the world about what Maria is to them a decision is made to forgive maria but I guess she will still lose her powers upon losing her Virginity. And with Ezekiel having defended the witches a punishment has been handed to her. She is to live as a human and watch over it. But for this to happen she much choose her mother-to-be. And reluctantly after gazing at maria, Maria give in and accepts Ezekiel as her daughter-to-be. And now she will liver out her life in the village that once tried to throw her out with friends and family in hand. Not a bad ending to the show. Might add Bernard went so crazy he tried to kill Michael and turned to dust. Crazy, but even though he understood what Maria was saying this might have been for the best. Would have like to see Ezekiel be born at the end as living as Maria's daughter though. But maybe that's to be something in a OVA in the future. If not, well that kinda sucks. But a good end none the less.

  • i enjoyed the show, it was great to see all the witches stand up to michael for maria.
    now to rewatch it dubbed.

  • My current opinions on the dub.
    Maria: Not a bad voice. It definitely has the feeling that I would expect to a degree.
    Artemis: Has the succubus tone somewhat.
    Priapus: His English voice honestly annoys me. He almost sounds like he was kicked in the balls…. And he doesn't even have any!
    Ezekiel: Matches the attitude, but I still need to hear a bit more of her voice to determine whether it's a proper one.
    Viv: So far my favorite of the English dub. Namely since so far, she is the only character to actually have an accent (Her voice actress isn't even British). When I the other characters use those French terms, it sounds weird without the French accents. I know there are people who speak french that don't have french accents outside of France, but these characters are within France. Viv is the only character I've heard with an accent and she's not even French (rather she's British).

  • @Zerukin:

    Priapus: His English voice honestly annoys me. He almost sounds like he was kicked in the balls…. And he doesn't even have any!

    Take a wild guess as to what young, castrated men normally sound like

  • The only thing about Priapos' ENG VA is that it doesn't click in my mind when compairing it to the JAPN VA, thus it doesn't seem to fit the character very well. Instead of Jerry Jewell they should have hired Greg Ayres to do the part as he would have worked well in it and he has played similar characters with these types of personalities.

    Galfa's dub is something else that seems off. Chris Rager sounds too modern for this period piece.

    Austin Tindle (Joseph), Leah Clark (Ezekiel), Alexis Tipton (Maria), Colleen Clickenbeard (Viv), and Lara Woodhull (Ann) all sound awesome.

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