2015 Anime Villains Tournament, Round 1, Match 31

  • Our next to last fight of the day…

    Gauron - Full Metal Panic vs. Junko Enoshima - Danganronpa: The Animation

  • A list of reasons why Junko is incredible.

    1. In terms of personality, she's more or less a female Joker.

    2. To say she loves despair is an understatement. It's a fetish for her. Her obsession with spreading despair to the whole world is what motivates her to do what she does. Even if it means killing the few people she genuinely loves, she'll gladly do so if it means giving herself despair as well. She herself said it best.

    Junko: "For me, despair is not a goal, or a set of principles, a lifestyle, or even an instinct. It's what defines me as Junko Enoshima."

    3. Inhumanly charismatic to the point where she could give Johan a run for his money, and is easily able to manipulate others into joining her by poking and preying on their emotions, weaknesses, and insecurities, effectively brainwashing them so thoroughly that

    ! it takes the creation of a VR simulation and the erasure of their memories followed by placement of new ones, for Junko's grip on their psyches to loosen. There was also that time she convinced over 2000 students to commit mass suicide. She's that much of an expert, part of what makes her so terrifying.

    4. She erases the memories of her classmates (so instead of being very close friends, they think they're complete strangers), has them participate in a killing game and broadcasts it to everywhere on Earth, to convince the rest of the world that her ideology is the best ideology. She doesn't even force her classmates to kill each other, but instead provides them with various motives to give them a little push. And now the big one…

    5. Through a chain reaction that would take me much longer to explain, she manages to plunge the world into a absolute state of chaos, anarchy, and despair, where war and murder are about as common as breathing. That's right, in other words, SHE SUCCESSFULLY ENDED THE WORLD. The aforementioned killing game was supposed to serve as the final nail in the coffin, used to ensure that anyone on Earth who hadn't given in to despair by the time the series starts, did.

    6. Even after the 6 survivors of the killing game refuse to give in, defeating her, and after she (rather gleefully) kills herself after her plans fail, her influence and the impact she had on mankind is still easily felt, since there are so many who would devote their entire existence to finishing what she started.

    7. She has a smoking hot body. Yes.

    Her sister implies that something may have happened to her to turn her into the abnormality she ended up as, but Junko herself denies this, so it's hard to say.

    Either way, Junko Enoshima is a fantastic villain, and deserves to make it far.

  • Gauron made it pretty far last year, IIRC. Don't see why he can't do it again.

  • I came into this thread basically expecting to write a fairly lengthy defense in support of Junko Enoshima and why she is such a deliciously evil villain, but Heavenspiercing PRETTY MUCH JUST DID ALL THAT FOR ME! Thanks man!

    Anyways if I can add a little bit more, she pretty much caused the end of the world and pretty much already acheived her end goal. To spread Despair as far as it can go. Even worse is just how no matter whether she wins or loses…as long as she feels some form of Despair...she will never lose. She's a ridiculously sadistic and over the top puppet master, who's also a pretty interesting female villain who's evil just for the hell of it. No really that is it. No real tragic backstory, no one destroyed her. She just got bored and wanted to fuck the world up. She's Despair incarnate, and she's a fantastic villain.

    Also literally me mentioning ANY OF THIS PRETTY MUCH SPOILS ALL OF DANGANRONPA! But hey, she needs to be pushed. I don't know how far she will actually go but I'll push Junko as far as I am able to.

    Also you ever want to crack up, just look at all her different personality sprites from the game. They're all her, and they're all different sides and personas of her.


    And my personal favorite: Junko doing a Dio Brando pose:

  • Why is Female Titan the official name in her match while Junko is so casually spoiled

  • @Riles:

    Why is Female Titan the official name in her match while Junko is so casually spoiled

    Easy. More than likely LuckySeven knew about who the Female Titan was and knew the show so they were like OH NO CAN'T PUT THE REAL NAME HERE THAT SPOILS IT. Most likely they don't know about Danganronpa so they saw Junko's name and were like oh cool new candidate.

    But come on. Everyone knows it's Annie now. Honestly when you think about it a LOT of the villains in here are pretty much spoil territory one way or another. Some more than others, but pretty much Junko's entire EXISTENCE is one giant spoiler that was unavoidable if they were nominated which they were. But yeah.

    Also come on, Attack on Titan's been out for nearly 2 years now. If you don't know who the Female Titan is at this point I'm impressed.

  • My vote goes to Junko Enoshima.

  • Due to the arguments in Junko's favor, I will vote for her.

  • All things considered, I'm still giving my vote to Gauron.

  • dunno who Gauron is, but i absolutely adore Junko, probably the closest thing to a human monster I can think of

    haven't seen the anime, but if she's even a fraction of the abomination she was in the games, then i'm totally giving it to her ;)

  • Gotta give this one to my main Gauron. He still manages to be terrifying even after having his limbs amputated and lying in a hospital bed dying from cancer.

  • I love both of these villains, but I'm voting for Gauron. Junko is great, both few villains creeped me out as much as Gauron did. Both his moments of bloodlust and actual lust remain clear in my mind even though it's been forever since I've seen the show.

  • My vote goes to Gauron.

  • This one's probably the most neck-in-neck match of the whole tournament so far I got to say. This one will be very close. So all I can really do now is just to campaign for Junko just once more before the decision is carried. Also spoilers obviously while talking about her but whatever.

    Pushed against the wall, even with the knowledge knowing that the outside world is full of despair and death, that it may very well be unsafe and dangerous, and not fearing for themselves, the six survivors with the influence of Makoto Naegi's push for Hope to fight Despair, everyone comes together in a unanimous decision to end Junko Enoshima's life and escape into the outside world:


    But even then, when she has lost everything, when her detailed plan that took several years to initiate where she was forced to even kill her own sister in the process to make succeed, and STILL ended up being defeated…and she takes pure bliss. It is Super Despair. Even in untimely defeat she is ecstatic because as long as she feels despair, and as long as Despair in the world exists, she still wins.


    Even in her final moments…she stares into the end...drooling with anticipation. Waiting to be surrounded with true, unadulterated despair that will be her death. And even in her death she continues to carry on her legacy and ambitions in the world. Even in death, her presence is still there. As long as the world is in despair, she wins. Even in death.


    And she initiates literally every other torture execution previously used in the School Trials to give her the grandest of deaths in the series. Hard to say who really will win, but in the end, even with nothing left to lose…she dies smiling, in pure and utter bliss. Feeling the one true joy that she takes such malicious pleasure out of:


    (Also seriously this entire thread may as well have spoiled all of Danganronpa while we were at it. But at least the trials themselves still may remain a mystery to newcomers so there is that).

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