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  • I've been looking for some authentic Asian recipes lately but I can't seem to find anything good. Does anyone know of some recipes/foods that aren't the usual Orange Chicken or General Tso's Chicken that you seem to find in every restaurant but instead are closer to what someone in maybe Thailand or Taiwan might eat for dinner? Also, I don't know of any good places to buy some of the more uncommon ingredients like bamboo shoots so could you please try and limit the ingredients in your recipes to those you might find in any grocery store in the USA.

    -Thank you

  • I'm a sucker for rice balls. I use the sweet sticky rice, which should be pretty easy to get at an Asian market store, and ground chicken from the super market. Uuuuummmmm…the recipes I use for Japanese and Korean food are picked up from two cookbooks I bought in Portland. The recipes are great, with recommendations of where to pick up certain ingredients in the index. If you like, I could PM you the names if you're at all interested. Happy cooking!

    BTW, nice screenname. Hahahahahaha. :)

  • I don't have any Thai food recipes, but I make onigiri, sushi, and lo mein. I see tons of Asian recipes on Pinterest, so you might check that out.

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