What was the first Anime you ever watched?

  • Only real anime fans :P remember the first Anime they ever watched. Mines is One Piece, comment yours if you dare :)

  • Claymore

    I remember watching the first 2 episodes and thinking, how bad (this) anime was. A few months later, I decided to give it another try after a co-worker, who is an anime fanatic, pushed me in doing so. He said, "give it until episode 5 … trust me you'll love it".

    I watched Claymore til episode 5 and fell very much interested in the Claymore Teresa story line. I thought she was awesome and wanted to see more of her. Of course, episode 5 came around and dashed my all my hopes, but I stuck with the series and found myself really liking Claire and her story. Though, til this day I can't stand Raki. Such a wonderful series which was almost ruined for me because of Raki.

    While Claymore was the first anime I've ever watch, it was Final Fantasy XIII-2 that lead me into anime in the first place.

  • First one that we knew was anime or literally first anime ever regardless of whether we knew or not?

    Former: Naruto - watched it religiously on Cartoon Network
    Latter: Pokemon

  • Does the original Thundercats count?

  • Sherlock Hound.

    Off an old VHS tape that my mom rented from the library.

    When I was 7.

    Beat THAT. B)

  • Time to play this game again…

    Before I was aware of what anime was, I'd say reruns of Speed Racer on some local channel was my first anime when I was like 3 or 4 years old. Once I actually knew is a bit more fuzzy, it was either Ranma ½, M.D. Geist, or Devil Hunter Yohko.

  • I was 7 years old when Sailor Moon first stared airing on TV.

  • Actually, if you want to get technical about it, I can vaguely remember watching old episodes of Voltron and Saber Rider back when I lived in my old house when I was around 4-ish…..

  • Uuuuummmmm…I remember catching an episode of Death Note on Toonami. It was late at night, I was extremely confused, and had no idea what a shinigami was at the time. Apparently some of them really like apples. I also stumbled upon an episode of Soul Eater. Death the Kid was on a ghost ship and shot Krona. Context is worth everything my friends.

    Do movies count???? I watched Spirited Away shortly after it came out and thought to myself, wow, this is anime? I'd never seen something so visually stunning and I fell in love with Miyazaki's story.

    Fullmetal Alchemist is the first full series I ever watched thanks to my husband. Glad I stuck out through the first few episodes. I would have missed out on something truly epic.

  • I watched Pokemon a couple times when I was sick at home cause it came on during school hours on ABC or FOX I forgot. My second anime ever watched was of course Digimon I love it more than I'll ever love Pokemon anime wise video game wise Pokemon is far more superior. I collected those games up until they stared releasing on Nintendo DS and stuffs.

  • I can't remember, so I guess I'm not a true anime fan.:P

    It was probably either Voltron or Robotech when I didn't know what anime was. Later on it was Vampire Hunter D and Robot Carnival when Sci-Fi first showed anime.

  • The first one that I remember watching regularly was DBZ, like 16+ years ago. I'm sure that I saw episodes of Voltron and whatnot before that, but I was too young to remember, so I don't guess it counts. Maybe I started watching Pokemon before DBZ, I don't keep track of time well, so I don't remember when it started airing.

  • Hmm… let me think. I was there for the premiere of Voltron around the holiday season of 1984, and I remember my brothers making fun of it for being Japanimation, and not the normal American cartoon. So in a sense I knew it was Japanese; however it wasn't until sixteen years later that I discovered anime as a medium, and became a dedicated fan of the entertainment. The show responsible for that was, Cardcaptor Sakura.

    Who would have imagined that thirty years after Voltron and The Transformers, I would be comparing new anime to my experiences with such nostalgia?

  • I'll go with Pokemon. It was the show that introduced me to Anime and I would watch it on Kids WB every day when I was in elementary school.

  • Dragon Ball Z on old school Toonami. Nuff said.

  • Technically it was Transformers in the mid 80s, although I didn't know it was anime.

    First one I watched and knew was anime was either Iria, Akira, Green Legend Ran, or Venus Wars.

    The show that actually got me to actively watch anime was Dragonball Z.

  • I watched FoxKIds/FoxBox/4kidsTV religiously when I was younger (before I knew what anime was). Some of the shows I watched were Digimon, Sonix X, Shaman KIng, Kirby Right Back at ya, metabots yu gi oh, Tokyo mew mew and many more. I think I have the earliest memories of DIgimon.

    The first actual anime I watched while I was aware of what anime is was cowboy bebop.

  • Sailor moon…...then dragonball z....the big o.....outlaw star

  • @helloyou:

    Sailor Moon… then Dragon Ball Z... The Big O... Outlaw Star

    Sounds like a Toonami fan to me. Welcome to the forums.

  • I seriously ask myself this once in a while "What did I start watching first" Sailor Moon or Pokemon, back in 1998. But my anime addicted began in 2000 after seeing Inuyasha. Today my anime addiction is still as strong as it was was when, I was a teenager. XD

  • The first anime for me was Robotech. I can't think of any anime older than that airing in the US. I remember, that the only way for me to watch it was to get up early before school as it aired at like 5 AM.

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