I'm new to Anime and NEED SUGGESTIONS. Please read!

  • So, I'm kind of new to Anime. I never thought I would even watch it. Then it kind of dawned on me one day to try it out and I found Sword Art Online and I LOVED IT. I'm a huge gamer as it is, and just everything about it was fantastic. The atmosphere, the writing..everything.

    I finished season 1 and was looking for 2 english dubbed but It it isn't out in English dub yet.

    I watched season 1 of Attack on Titan.

    I have dabbled with .Hack// Series because it was a suggestion based off of sword Art online and it was okay, but seemed more like kids. As well as Log Horizon, but I will more than likely watch them anyway.

    I want to watch more of adult Anime (not disgusting) Just for adults.! But not for children per-say.

    Does anyone have any suggestions of what I can watch?

    I hate being new because I don't know exactly what Genera I like. I like Action, but I didn't really like Psycho-pass or what ever lol.
    ( I loved Death note, but it got very predictable as)

    I don't really like it as comical (i wouldn't mind watching comedy just not stupid like Superbad stupid) and comic book acting. I know that is odd because it is Anime..but Attack on the Titan and the way it was written and designed was amazing…although it got kind of.. predictable the more I got into it and it wasn't all comic book acting and it played out like a regular show just drawn. Or how ever they make it.

    Based off this very little information Lol, anyone have any suggestions? I want to get into Tv Series...but I will watch movies as well.

    Thank you very much for your time.

  • I seems you've already found the Anime Recommendations thread, so I'll go ahead and lock this one up. :)

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