Video Suddenly Flips From SUB/DUB Between Episodes - RESOLVED

  • We are aware that there's an issue where users are seeing the selected language flip from SUB to DUB or back when they go to the next episode of a show.

    We are currently working on resolving this issue.

    In the meantime, if you are seeing this issue, we do have a workaround– please use the Next button to skip to the next episode when you hit the credits of the current episode. This will allow you to stay in the same language.

    Thank you for your patience!

    Issue Status

    Affects: Some users, all browsers, website only.
    Status: Able to be reproduced – Solution under development
    Troubleshooting: See workaround above

    Please do NOT make new tickets about this issue at this time.

  • This was resolved in update 2.72.

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