2015 Anime Villains Tournament, Round 1, Match 9

  • Day 2 of the tournament begins…

    Kid Buu - Dragon Ball Z vs. Yujiro Hanma - Baki the Grappler

  • You're pitting Yujiro up against a DBZ villain? Now that isn't even fair. >:\

    Regardless, I'm still voting for Yujiro all the way. This is a guy who's so ridiculously evil and overpowered, he could probably give some of the lower-leveled DBZ fighters a run for their money. And he doesn't even have any superpowers!

  • Kid Buu, destroyer of worlds. And while

    ! his death isn't quite as cheap as Asura's, a Spirit-Bomb-made-of-all-living-things is still kind of a cheesy way to write off a villain.

  • Not my favorite DBZ baddie but my vote still goes to Kid Buu.

  • I'm going with Yujiro Hanma.

  • It appears to me that the main reason Yujiro lost last year was because I didn't rally behind him. So this time, I will make no such mistake.

    Yujiro Hanma is easily the most powerful human….. No, scratch that.... The most powerful LIVING THING in the Baki universe. He has mastered, battled, and overcome every single martial art known to man (and even some unknown). He has the power to kill a polar bear with his bear hands, eliminate an entire group of skilled MMA fighters single-handedly within seconds, and even stop an earthquake BY PUNCHING IT.

    He has absolutely no regard for human life. He often starts fights with complete strangers just because he can. He takes delight and pleasure in fighting, getting joy out of hurting other people just for kicks. He feels that only the strong should be allowed to live, and often demonstrates this belief by gleefully taking his frustrations out on those weaker than himself - which is basically everyone.

    He does whatever he wants and takes whatever he pleases. When it comes to women, he has no problems killing someone's fiance just so he can claim her as his own, and disposing of her after she has outlived her usefulness. He has fathered two bastard children and treats them like scum, forcing them to undergo inhuman training techniques for the sheer goal of achieving vengeance against him, only for him to crush their dreams with barely even a flick of his finger.

    Entire nations have put hits out on him to no avail. The Army? The Navy? The special forces? All have fallen to him. The U.S. doesn't use nuclear weapons because they fear his retribution. The man is, for all intents and purposes, a one-man army.

    And the thing that makes this so unique about him? He lives in a universe without superpowers. No one throws fireballs, or reads minds, or uses magic of any type. Yujiro is nothing more than a human being, albeit an unbelievably strong one. He does all this with nothing more than his wits, his skill, and his unbelievable human strength.

    Still need more proof? This video should show you all you need to know. (please forgive the rather cheaply thrown together AMV):


    There. I rest my case.

  • Kid Buu is probably the closest to a true monster in this tourney, a creature that lives and breathes for the sake of universal annihilation. He killed almost every single character in the franchise, and once he reverted to Kid Buu, he blew up Earth without a second thought, being the only villain in the series to successfully destroy it.

    Then again, I'm pretty sure it's impossible for Kid Buu to have second thoughts about anything it does. Only one thought goes through it's mind at any given time, and that's "destruction".

    While for most other villains this single-minded obsession would have them come across as bland, for Kid Buu, I'd say it's what makes him frightening.

    So, I vote for Kid Buu.

    It probably helps that I haven't seen Baki, and I'd rather not vote for a character from a show I haven't seen unless I feel I have to for whatever reason.

  • My vote goes to Kid Buu.

  • Gonna go with the Kid.

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