World Break Dubs

  • Any time frame for the rest of World Break episodes to be released in Dub format?

  • 1 ep every Saturday

  • Don't know that I'd worry about getting to watch a dubbed version of World Break. It's such a disappointment. But then, I'm way less than a fan of Funimation dubs. For example, people complain about Satsuki's voice being so annoying in the Japanese version. I was actually more annoyed by Shizuno's voice in the Funimation dub. Where oh where did her wonderfully sexy, sultry tones go? And the dialogue change from "I remember" to "I don't forget" completely ignores Haimura's signature catch phrase. And "spelling"????? Is that someone making fun of the fact that the spells are written out? Crunchyroll translates as "writing" which is a better choice. However, what is being done is actually "Casting". However, "casting" is one of the things that makes me most annoyed when it comes to Funimation so they obviously don't have a good experience with the word in any of its contexts?

  • Ep. 7

    Elena should say "Da" { Russian for Yes") not "Ya or "Ja" (Which is German) for the dub. The one time she used the full English "Yes" was fine.

  • her Russian accent and broken English is pretty amusing

  • Just finished watching the last episode and got to say this is my second favorite harem comedy of the Winter 2015 season behind The Testament of Sister New Devil, which knocked Aesthetica of a Rouge Hero out of second all time behind the harem king High School DxD,
    2nd. Testament of Sister New Devil,
    3rd. World Break:,
    4th. Aesthetica,
    5th. To-Love-Ru [all season's],
    6th. Tenchi Muyo! War On Geminar,
    7th. Sekirei both season's needs a third,
    8th. Tenchi Muyo! (both time lines [OVA, Ryo-Ohki, Dual A Parallel Adventure & War On Geminar] and [Universe & In Tokyo]),
    9th. Fruit of Grisaia,
    10th. Infinite Stratos both seasons,
    11th. Samurai Girls/Brides Both seasons,
    12th. H.S.o.D.
    I'm going to stop here cause I don't have all day to list my top 30 Harem Favorites

  • The dub has yet to bother me, however I'm on episode 5, so I have yet to get to any of the secondary characters. It is definitely a change not to hear Satsuki refer to herself as the sister in each episode, though.

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