Favorite Characters & Possibility for Limited Edition bluray/dvd

  • I am loving this show. I'm eager to see who they choose to dub the characters with. I'm hoping that Funimation has the rights to distribute this as well, as I would love to include it into my collection.

    Maria, by far, is my favorite character and I love how she's evolving through all this. Who might be your guys' favorite character(s)?

  • I think my favorite is Maria's incubus but maybe that is just because I feel bad for him.

    I do hope this show gets translated. I'd be really interested in seeing what they would do for the people. Would they go straight English or would they give them proper ascents.

  • Maria is my favorite. I just have a lot of respect for her character in doing what she thinks is wight. Even though it could be consider to be selfish.

    I'm sure funi will get the home rights. But if the LE doesn't have some kind of extra, art book or something then its not going to be worth buying the LE. That been my biggest beef with their LEs recently. They don't offer any insensitive to get them. Its just a nice looking box.

  • Next month is when the last Bluray edition of Maria hits Japan, so hopefully will be seeing Funimation give a potential release date this winter or possibly next Spring. That's my thinking.

  • It's definitely not going to be as soon as this winter. You can usually expect FUNimation to release a show about 12-16 months after it finishes airing in Japan. Sometimes it even takes a little longer than that depending on the show.

  • It was a baseless guesstimate. I just thought, looking at their sudden release of the first season of Tokyo Ghoul this September; I had thought that might mean that they're expediting their distribution schedule. Haphazard thinking on my part, lol

  • You gotta remember though, they're releasing season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul in September. Root A is still probably a good while away.

  • I think it can be agreed on, universally, that this show has changed the way period-piece anime has been set. Grant it there are others in historical fiction like Garo the Animation have also been trend setters but I think Maria the Virgin Witch has really set the bar high.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of goodies will be included in the LE or collector's edition. This was a rare gem for the Winter 2015 season and I think it will be a high seller based on it's increasing fanbase.

  • Any news of home video release?

  • @ommadon:

    Any news of home video release?

    Not yet. Check back in a couple months.

  • This is pure speculation on my part but seeing as how Seraph of the End and Tokyo Ghoul season two are being released for home dvd/blu ray in May, there's a likelihood of Maria being released sometime in the summer or fall.

    I'm really looking forward to it's release. :)

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