Any Anime that you would like to see get a remake or repick up again?

  • Hello. First time me making a fourm here on this website. But anyway i wanted to ask you guys. What shows would you like to get a reboot or a remake? Or hey even show that was recently picked up by funimation but wasn't finish with the series due to bad sales like Kodocha, big windup, or even d.gray-man for exmaple.

    For me heres my list.

    Fruits Basket-I know funi tried to get a second season but not that the series has been over for so long i would rather see a remake that matches the series. i know i heard the author had issues with the anime but just one on my list.

    Yu yu hakusho- no that hunter x hunter had a reboot and saikor has gotten one i would to see this show come back again. especiallyafter seeing so much Dragon ball z redones and such.

    Kodocha-i know it did terrible in sales but i really loved that series and i would like to see it come back

    Ranma 1/2- classic but it would be interesting to see it get a reboot

    Outlaw star Or Escaflowe-beatiful series

    Big windup-didn't know anything about this series until it went on the save list unfortunately it really did terrible in sale but it hard for me to find the 2nd season

    This is just my list. let me hear bout your list

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  • @hinaru77:

    Kodocha-i know it did terrible in sales but i really loved that series and i would like to see it come back

    This one for sure, I was highly disappointed that they only released half of the series.

  • Remake: Soul Eater - Loved original but I would also love to see another new series based off of the manga storyline.

    Repick up: Naoki Urasawa's Monster - The entire thing was dubbed too and Viz never released the entire thing. Pretty sure they're never going to release the entire series ever, so I'd love someone else to save it from limbo. Specifically Funimation.

  • Oh golly, where to start:

    • Gintama is an obvious one, but it's coming back, thank God or Sunrise or whoever.
    • Bleach is also obvious, as it might be the only way anyone could make sense of the current Thousand-Year-War arc.
    • Ouran High School Host Club needs to be picked up again and ended properly (per manga). What the heck was that ending anyway?
    • Same with Akame ga Kill - what the heck? Mine is still alive, people!
    • Ao Haru Ride ended after 12-13 episodes, with absolutely no resolution in the MCs' situation.
    • Wolf Girl and Black Prince ended just as the storyline was heating up.
    • The World is Still Beautiful also ended prematurely - Nike's adventures in the Sand Empire would be well worth watching.
    • TPTB needs to reboot/repick up of Rurouni Kenshin to cover the remaining manga chapters, including the Kenshin/Tomoe back story.

  • As much as it pains me to suggest it, I agree; I'd like to see an accurate remake of Fruits Basket.

  • Rave Master! The manga was pretty dang great and it very much so needs a proper remake.

  • Eureka 7
    Irresponsible Captain Tyler
    Gundam Wing
    Mobile Fighter G Gundam
    Code Geass
    DBZ series
    I could go on and on but that's just a few

  • Deadman Wonderland. The day they make a second season will be the happiest day of my life.
    Also, the Madoka Magica series ended good, but if you watch the Rebellion movie you'll see the story's incomplete, so I'd like to see that story end well too.

  • Re-releases that I would like to see:

    Kyo Kara Maoh

    All the Gundam series (I know Rightstuf took it over, but how long until the franchise gets put in their store again?)

    pretty much any mecha that Bandai once had that wasn't rescued


    Angel Beats it really needed a two cour imo.

    Kiniro no Corda Blue Sky it did have a great cast of characters, but taking three games and cramming it into 12 episodes spells disaster. They could have pulled it off with 26 like with Kiniro no Corda: Primo Passo

    Little Busters! EX having 13 episodes so that way we wouldn't be rushing through Kanata and Sasami routes. 2 episodes a piece wasn't enough.

    Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 remade with The Origin animation team. I think it would be far more entertaining then imo.

  • Series I'd like Remade:
    Ah My Goddess (Fully adapt the manga)
    Ai Yori Aoshi (Fully adapt the manga)
    Bleach (Without Filler)
    Claymore (Fully adapt the manga)
    His and Her Circumstances (Fully adapt the manga, must be different studio/staff)
    Lunar Legend Tsukihime (Needs the other game routes explored, must be UFO Table)
    Naruto Shippuden (Without filler)
    Omamori Himari (Fully adapt the manga)
    Rurouni Kenshin (Without Filler and a full adaptation of the manga)
    Suzuka (Fully adapt the manga)

    And literally hundreds of other shows that didn't conclude the story

    US Releases:

  • My demands? Pretty simple really. I only want a full 13-26 episode adaptation of Gunsmith Cats, plus a new TV series for the brand new Master Keaton Remaster manga.

    You know, pretty standard stuff. ~_^

  • Too many to really think about. Seems like almost every anime I've seen ends poorly (or doesn't end at all), with plenty more Manga or Light Novel content left uncovered.

  • Pandora Hearts

    I would love to see a dubbed remake. The static crap in the original is so annoying. Plus I'm tired of 90% of the anime I like only coming out as a subbed version.


    It never came out in the US but it was interesting.

  • My answer to such questions will always be Pandora Hearts and Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Both less-than-stellar and incomplete adaptations of wonderful stories. I would be so happy if either of them ended up with a remake.

  • Escaflowne. It was an awesome show

  • I'd want Shamanic Princess to be remade and Paranoia Agent repicked up.

  • Vampire knight

  • Aethetica of a Rogue Hero continued, Elfin Lied remake to adapt the manga better, Bleach caught up with the manga, and many many more

  • The Candidate for Goddess

  • I would have to say…
    Elfen Lied for the reason Zangetsu91 stated...and Dream Eater Merry/Yumekui Merry, both for reboots, both to better follow their original source material. Elfen Lied was still great as a stand-alone anime, but the manga isn't available in the States due to TokyoPop's US closing and I would love to see it animated, what I've been able to read online, anyway.

    As for Yumekui Merry, same deal. It's a great manga series, though it could stand to better explain certain plot points (fortunately, it's not nearly as bad as D.Gray-Man has become), and, personally, I feel it's deserving of a more faithful animated adaption. The 13-episode anime that was released in 2011...well, it was awful. I've watched it multiple times because I'm a glutton for punishment, and while it does have an interesting and unique art and animation style going on, it felt as though the producers and animators wanted it to fail from the get-go. Ultimately, it ended with a generic storyline that you would find in most Shounen manga, one that did not fit the series' mood and atmosphere, and left you feeling empty, whether or not you had read the original work.
    Sadly, the series isn't yet popular enough to even warrant a US publication of the manga, and considering how poorly the anime did, I wouldn't be surprised if this series was shelved by everyone forever. But I do hope that, someday, some company will pick it up and see that it "has potential as a decent anime, let's go ahead and reboot it".

    Hoping, hoping... =w=;

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