Roku Channel 1080P Support

  • So I do most of my watching via the Funimation Roku channel. First Id like to acknowledge that I have seen dramatic improvements to the Roku channel in the last few months, so I understand you are working on it. Nonetheless there is a substantial amount of content with 1080P streams listed, however, at current selecting a 1080P stream does not cause the Roku to switch into 1080P display mode. Normally I would chalk this up to the device, but there are several other channels such as netflix as an example that when HD content is streaming it will change to 1080P display mode. As it stands users on a Roku who select the 1080P stream are simply wasting bandwidth by streaming a larger file which is then scaled down to 720P resolution.

  • It seems to me that if you have your Roku set to output 720p, it should remain doing so. An app (such as Netflix) overriding this could at best result in a blank screen with "out of range" or similar message on some older displays.

    I would also expect most people that have their Roku set to 720p output would be smart enough not to select a 1080p stream.

    Frankly, I'm curious why you would be seeing different resolutions output. I have my Roku 3 set for 1080p output, and that is what my HDTV reports as being received, regardless of the actual resolution of the stream (i.e. the Roku scales up lower resolution content prior to output).

  • Glad to hear that your Roku 3 works as expected. I have the Roku stick which supports 1080P, but all of the menus are in 720P for whatever reason even though its set to 1080P(this is in the documentation). Some channels when I select a 1080P stream the Roku changes output modes up to 1080 as expected, but not with the funimation channel.

  • ive got the roku 2
    its set to 1080 and displays funi in 1080
    id check with roku support why yours isnt displaying properly

  • Humm, perhaps it is a device related issue then.

  • We can look into it.

    If you have your Roku set to 720p Display mode and choose a 1080p stream in the channel, how do you tell that your Roku is streaming in 1080p display mode? Is there a secret menu like the Video Playback Debugger?

  • Hay ssjwizard i just bout the same thing as you have i have not received it yet but i was wanting to know If it was wreath the $54.11 USD i spent on it

  • Old topic, but thought I'd mention something worth noting. I ran into the same thing. I can check on the TV itself what it is being outputted as. (Usually the Display or Info button) I knew my Roku was set to 1080p originally, but apparently it reverted itself to 720p, perhaps after an update, I have no idea. 720p is probably the default, there was no Auto option there. For everyone, it is important to check it out in the settings if you aren't seeing it come up as 1080p when you have a 1080p or better screen.

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