Assassination Classroom Broadcast Dub Episode 2 Review

  • Episode 2 of the Assassination Classroom broadcast dub just came out. I thought it was pretty good, but I'm still not impressed with Karasuma's dub voice. I thought it improve, but his voice still isn't a good match for Karasuma. Austin Tindle did an okay job with Karma, but I still think that Bryce Papenbrook would've done a way better job as him. Besides a few voices, I'm really enjoying this dub. What did you guys think about episode? I can't wait to read your reviews.

  • not sure if he was serious or not, but Davidism requested that all ep reviews be kept in the same thread and not start a new one for each new ep.

    Karasuma sounds fine to me, and I'm not sure what you dont like about him. wasn't much to go on, but Karma sort of sounds like a slightly more sane Accelerator. I like that

  • Yeah, I'm going to agree with Davidism. Please don't create a new thread for every episode. Just use the original thread as a "General Discussion" topic instead.

    I'm gonna lock this one up. Feel free to re-post what you said up top in the first thread.

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