Has anyone seen this?

  • I just recently watched Armitage the Third: Poly-Matrix. It was pretty good, I'd like to know if anyone else has seen anything of this OVA (the movie is cut together from footage of the OVA series). It's about cyborgs in the future living on mars (not too original but it works well), and has a nice dynamic between the two main characters (one of which is voiced by Kiefer Sutherland(A.K.A. the new voice of snake in MGS V)).
    I found the movie at a record store for $2.99 and it came in a typical cardboard sleeve, but instead of a DVD keepcase, it instead was in a CD case. Has anyone else seen something like that? Anyways, that's it, thank you for your time and please respond if you have anything to say.

  • Yes Armitage the Third was one of my favorite animes many many years back. The OVA does reveal a slight bit more than the first film does. Ive never seen the second film but was actually planing to watch it tonight. All in all Id say its a worthwhile investment of time.

    As for the CD case I cant say Ive seen that with DVDs. The only time Ive seen that was when I used to import VCDs from Japan in the late 90's. Generally they were just a touch above VHS quality with hard coded subtitles.

    Edit. Well I just watched Dual-Matrix. As a fan of the series I have to say it was worth the watch.

  • Thankfully Funimation has released all four OVAs and the two movies in one box set.

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