FUNiMATION and Amazon Instant?

  • So why does FUNiMATION bother to licence something, then not dub it or release it? [reading about C3 earlier]

    Or in my case - put it up on streaming services IE Amazon Instant as the Subtitled Version, and not mentioning anything to amazon… I've wasted 80 plus dollars on full seasons of shows I'll never watch, or at the very least be able to enjoy watching.

    Okay - some of those, were my fault for jumping the gun [in some cases - they were put out by Subtitle-Factory-Lines that licence awesome titles almost never dubs them like] Sentai Flimworks or were just never dubbed to begin with. [which is my fault]

    But when a show is available from a well known Licencing & English Dubbing company like FUNiMATION, on a pay-per-episode/season/ondemand streaming service, it should be available in either BOTH formats - subtitled and dubbed OR Just in the English dubbed format. Not trying to start a flame/troll/format/subvsdub war at all.

    I'm all for dual audio DVD/Bluray's [combo or separate] and I'm all for dual audio/dual subtitles [english/english just signs etc] for streaming/on-demand-ppv services - but if you're going to chose one - you should always chose the English Dubbed version…

    I don't get it - are you trying to bump sales of physical copies buy putting Subs-Only versions on the on-demand, pay-for streaming services? [when if you really do the math - I THINK [at least most of the time] if you buy from the right places/with the right deals etc - that you can pick up a hard copy for CHEAPER than most HD-Seasons on Amazon Instant [and PRIME HA! Like any of those anime's will ever be updated/replaced - and if they are…they certainly won't be dubbed; even if the dub is the most widely available...for...some...reason?? Like High School of The Dead, Kino's Journey*, The World That Only God Knows, etc. I could go on but won't]

    *and I love Kino's Journey… I went to rewatch it cause I have prime, and subs sigh

    I was really upset and very frustrated when I bought in HD - "Danganronpa: The Animation" - a show I've EAGERLY been awaiting, that I honestly didn't think would get licensed at all let alone by FUNiMATION & Dubbed. So I double checked on the official site - it said FUNiMATION - no where did it say [and still doesn't sitting unwatched in my amazon instant video library] "Original Japanese Version" - "English Subs" - "English Subtitled" or "Language: Japanese / Subtitles: English" [on the amazon instant website, the GUI/APP on my Ps4 or in the title/synopsis].

    As far as I knew FUNiMATION didn't do Subbed only releases…and if so - it was only for special releases like Ghost In The Shell: ARISE.

    When there's no notice anywhere on the title saying [ORIGINAL JAPANESE] or [ENGLISH SUBTITLED] etc. It's just not fair to the loyal paying FUNiMATION customer at all IMHO - I buy 80% of my anime via Amazon Instant if it's not a long-running show I'm collecting like One Piece.

    Although I see no reason why a companies as big as Netflix or (Hulu Plus can't even pretend to be in their league: You PAY-for-commercials, random missing episodes/seasons, almost ALWAYS subtitled/never both to tell you whats dubbed/subbed) and cannot put up both the subtitled and English dubbed versions; what are they trying to save bandwidth or server space?! Ridiculous]

    Some others, in this example - Sengoku Basara - End Of Judgement [which does say Original Japanese Version but I missed that…because] I bought it THE INSTANT I saw it; I'd been dying for some more Sengoku Basara, and because I knew - the last couple of seasons we're licenced/dubbed by FUNiMATION [as was End of Judgement] and put up on Amazon Instant: What would they stand to gain by putting up the third season in Subtitles, with no English version to complement Season 1 and Season 2?!

    If had you put up the subs of season 1 and 2, and no dubs - I could see that making sense - but to put the first two up, in English Dubs - then to put Season 3 up in Eng Subs just boggles my mind.

    Also, from my unbiased business-minded side of my brain - I just don't get it. [Sadly] the Physical Medium is just about DEAD, I'd be willing to say that pay-for [and rental] Digital services like these [PayPerView/Stream to Rent or Pay per Season/Episode/OVA/Movie] make up a GOOD portion of your sales. Why would you want to put the subtitles up and not the english dubs, when chances are - they dubbed versions will sell better, and we live in the age of Instant Gratification - even if I WANT to buy it on DVD/Bluray combo - but I've been waiting and I see it on amazon instant, unless I have already 5-6 seasons of it stacked up in my DVD/Bluray case/shelf - I'm not going to wait - I'm going to get it NOW. Especially since with my internet I don't see any difference in a HD Streaming Season and a Blu-Ray on the Ps4 [on an 1080p HDTV]

    SAME EXACT thing with happened with Freezing - first season - HD full season - dubbed into english, great stuff [LOL sue me, I like fighting ecchi shows, esp if they're more violent like Freezing]

    Freezing: Vibration [season 2]: Loved the first season - race to buy it - BUT remembering my judgement mistake with Sengoku Basara, not to mention the complete and total lack of communication of what language "Danganronpa: The Animation" was in [or if there was subtitles or ANYTHING to point to the fact that this was NOT the English version], I double checked - the title says [and still says] "Freezing: Vibration" - no mention of Original Japanese Version or English Subtitled or anything saying the Language: Japanese/Subtitles: English - all it says is "

    I take that back - THE WORST part is, Amazon Instant - once you've purchased a title, you cannot return it or get a refund; not matter what…

    This is more something I'd of liked to of sent to FUNiMATION Customer Service myself than posted on the forums - as its basically just constructive criticism, but I saw no "contact us" [which I found…odd] so I came here. I hope my voice gets heard.

    I'm really not liking this huge surge of nothing but subtitled only titles - going to amazon instant from FUNiMATION [only half the time, maybe, marked as original japanese/english subtitled] that already have dubs, I hope this isn't the way things are going to continue… I'm beginning to wonder if Amazon Instant or Prime is worth the money at all if this is how the service is going to be [Exactly why I left Hulu Plus and Netflix - never any updates, missing episodes/seasons, nothing was in english/what anime there was wasn't labeled eng dub or jap original.

    With my small paycheck I can't always keep up with all the new releases - and now it seems when I do see a new release that i want and have the money for it - realize it's not in English....I can't help but like my money was, for lack of a better word, stolen from me - via false advertising [intentional or not…] EITHER - because of the lack of communication between FUNiMATION/ OR the sheer Laziness of Amazon Employees.

    Not to mention - Amazon is unwilling to satisfy their customers/hear anything they're saying as I'm not the only one - TONS of people are complaining in the reviews section about the same exact thing] lots of people are losing their hard earned money, trying to support one of their favorite past-times [Anime] & licencing/dubbing companies [FUNi]. Many people have complained and just asked to note [English Sub] or [Original Japanese Version] on titles that have been up for over a year [maybe more] and STILL are not correctly labeled. That's just wrong.

    Since Amazon doesn't listen, and has no listing for any sort of Customer Service Email or even a Phone Number to call […unprofessional and unacceptable IMHO] - I thought I'd at least post on the FUNiMATION forum [as I can't find a contact us section for FUNi either…] and hope someone from the company see's this, I really hope they understands where I'm coming from [as far as Streaming/Digital is the future - you need to put English-dub's up on the digital platforms or at the very least have the courtesy to label them correctly so I know I need to purchase a hard copy…] and hopefully gets in contact with Amazon to fix the titles so that everything that isn't in English [at least from FUNiMATION Entertainment] is labeled as such…so that me and hundreds/maybe thousands of other [basically] life-long fans don't throw their money away.

    Thanks for your time,
    Much love. Long time fan/supporter [grew up first run of Dragon Ball Z - hooked ever since]

    I wanted to post this in the email this, or post it in a support forum, or something more - tailored for this; but every other sub-forum is based solely on, specific shows or general anime stuff. I'm not trying to start a troll/flame war or dub vs sub diatribe.

    I'm just posting up some vital IMO constructive criticism.

  • The reason that the shows in question that you bought - Danganronpa, SB: End of Judgment, and Freezing: Vibration - were sub-only on Amazon Prime is simple: they haven't been dubbed yet. A good point of reference is that dubbed versions aren't available until about 12-16 months after the season originally aired, although granted there are indeed exceptions.

    If it's really important to you to get English-dubbed anime as soon as it becomes available, here's my suggestion: drop Amazon Prime and become an Elite subscriber here at the FUNimation website. While they don't offer download-to-own, they do offer English dubbed anime episodes as soon as possible, weeks before the physical releases. And with their recent Broadcast Dub initiative, most of their brand new licenses - which are still airing in Japan, I should add - are getting dubs RIGHT NOW only a matter of weeks after airing. If listening to your anime in English is really that important to you, then it's a deal that you really can't pass up.

    And as far as why shows like C3, Tatami Galaxy, Rainbow, etc. got licensed but never dubbed, that's mainly because they didn't do well in their streaming numbers. So instead of FUNimation, the blame falls moreso on the fans who didn't watch the show to begin with than anyone else.

    And one more thing…. Do you mind not being so long-winded? I swear I could play racquetball with that wall-o-text you built up there. O.o

  • @sourceaura:

    So why does FUNiMATION bother to licence something, then not dub it or release it? [reading about C3 earlier]

    Not all licenses are equal. A streaming only license (which AFAIK, is all Funimation has for C3) won't allow Funimation to do any type of physical release or download to own release, both of which require a home video license.

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