Delays for Inclement Weather

  • Due to inclement weather in the Dallas area and for the safety of our employees, FUNimation Entertainment is closed for the day, Monday, February 23rd.

    This may cause a delay in all support tickets, as not all of our support employees are able to work remotely.

    There may also be a delay in things like simulcasts and other scheduled content, though all such delays will be kept to the minimum possible.

    Thank you for your patience and support—we"ll be back as soon as it"s safe for our employees to return to work.


    EDIT: We're also have early closing and some of us didn't make it into work today, 2/27, either. O_o

  • Much to my surprise, this notice is extended for Tuesday, February 24th as well. O_o

  • We're all safely able to come back to the office today! Yay! (One snow day is fun, two is not. -_-)

    We're working as quickly as possible to get any tickets completed at this time, however there will likely be minor support delays through the weekend– you may also notice a delay in Admin response on the forums. Mods, please feel free to point anyone to this post as necessary. :)

    Thank you for your patience!

  • ^ You think that's bad, last week I was only able to put in 1 1/2 days of actual work due to being iced in for the majority of the week. O.o

    On the bright side, it did give me a good chance to catch up on my anime, Netflix rentals, and It's Always Sunny. :)

  • I don't usually think of myself as a workaholic, but even with being able to work a little at home, I was SO HAPPY to get back to the office this morning. :) Everything piles up when you can't do your normal work stuff. >_<

  • Currently, the backlog from the winter weather is considered resolved.

    There are still a few older issues on the tech support side that we're working on addressing, but most everything should be within the last 72 hours (excluding Sat/Sun as usual)

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