One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, who else wants it dubbed?

  • So as many of you may or may not know, the newest installment of the Pirate Warriors series, number 3 will be coming out in the next few months in Japan, but no release date for the U.S. I'm here asking for help, some fans are working on a petition to spread the word out that we'd like the game dubbed by Funimation. Obviously Funimation has no say in the matter, its Namco who makes that decision and we are trying to get their attention with this. We need it signed and spread. Wouldn't it be nice to play a OP game with an english cast? We haven't had that since Unlimited Adventure!

    So please help us out, just a quick signature that takes no more than 5 seconds would help out a lot of fans.


    EDIT: Please do not post links to petition sites.]([italic]EDIT: Please do not post links to petition sites.[/italic])

  • online petitions don't work

  • ^ What he said. Online petitions - especially those related to anime or games - simply do not work, have never worked, and more than likely will never work.

    Locking this up now.

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