POLL: Would you buy the stage 2 box set if funimation got the rights to it?

  • Dear funimation,

    I think you should let this poll decide whether or not you continue fighting to obtain the rights to stage 2.

  • I've already bought the first 51 episodes on DVD so I'd definitely buy the second half. I'd re-buy the whole series on Bluray.

    However, I don't think you'd get enough people to post here, or anywhere, to convince them to get the distribution rights.

  • doesn't matter how many vote or post. they can't license the rest of the show due to licensing issues in Japan. A poll cant fix that

  • Agreed. I was only able to find the remaining seasons by checking out Ebay. Otherwise, it's not likely that the rest of the show is going to be licensed any time soon, if ever. If you are needing a D-Gray Man fix, I would most definitely recommend picking up the manga. Unfortunately, even with that, the creator was on sabbatical (my understanding at least). Not sure when the next volume will come out or if the manga is going to continue. Still something definitely worth picking up regardless.

  • I'm pretty used to unfinished/open-ended anime at this point, but this one makes me saddest because it's my favorite :'(

  • That's definitely unfortunate, I can't stand watching anything that I can't understand so subtitled is out of the question for me, as is learning another language. One can dream though…. one can dream.

  • Of course I'd by it. I have the whole series subbed but sometimes the subtitles make no sense. I would love to have the full series in english.

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