The Rolling Girls Broadcast Dub out this Saturday(Feb 21 2015)

  • The Rolling Girls broadcast dub just came out a mere ~6 hours ago!

    What are your initial impressions?

    (In attempt to get your unbiased thoughts, I've hidden my brief and quick thoughts in the spoiler block below.)

    Coming from someone who started watching the subbed version, I think the English dub version is a good start. It's probably too early to judge (since there is only one English episode), but I'm not sure if I am satisfied with the dub just yet. I was excepting Masami's voice to be slightly higher. Some lines also stood out to me for being completely different(or nonexistent) from the Funimation subbed version… but it wouldn't be a dub without some changes, right? ~_^ They are not bad, just different.
    ! I'm looking forward to seeing more in the coming weeks, as I feel very impartial to the dub at the moment. :hmm:
    Looking forward to next week's reveal of Chiaya Misono... oOo
    I wonder if they will be discussing this in the DoubleTalk live stream next week... ( The shows they discussed last week are for quite different genres/audiences. O.o )

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