Schedule Page • Issue: so hard to look through


    right now its so hard to look through

    1. maybe separating it differently
    2. or adding filters

    1. right now there are 3 tabs

      [DVD & Bluray (aka: Home Video)] [Free Streaming] [Subscription]

      but under [Subscription]
      there would be a sub menu
      [Broadcast Dubs] [Simulcasts] [Regular Dubs]

    2. you could let us use filters to sort though the schedules
      like we do with videos

  • Thank you very much for the suggestions. We are currently looking into adding filters on the Schedule. It may need to wait for other development, though, because the site doesn't actually know what a broadcast is. It thinks all of the broadcast dubs are simulcasts. That's why you see them all jumbled together.

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