• I Pre-Order A DVD that come's out next month>>> When I Bought it. it gave me the Number code I guess you use to track it.
    But I want to know Will I get notified when it ships? Also why is there no thing I can look at what I bought? like On Amazon in your profile you can view things that you have bought This is what I'm worrying about.

  • You should get an order number in your email and in the email it will show what you purchased. They will send another email when it ships.

    If you have questions about your order you can always submit a ticket.

  • torrin is right. Typically, you'll receive a tracking number once the order has been sent out from the warehouse. :) However, if for any reason you have a concern about an order, you can always submit a ticket ( ) under "Product Concerns" or "Orders," and our store team will be able to help out.

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