Dubble Talk

  • So I just saw this one the homepage. I didnt see a thread about it so I thought I would make one.


    Dubble talk looks really awesome and talk about some epic broadcast dubs! Im also excited to see what the Live Show is all about. What do you guys think about Dubble Talk? Are you excited?

  • It said 3 Broadcast Dub premieres followed by the live show
    And in the top left it has Assassination Classroom,Death Parade, and Tokyo Ghoul
    Are these the shows that are going to be simuldubbed?

  • @CelestialKnight:

    Are these the shows that are going to be simuldubbed?

    yeah, 3 of the 10 they will be dubbing this season

  • I thought that the 3 shows themselves would be apart of the stream and then the DubbleTalk would be the after show discussion, similar to something like The Walking Dead, then proceeded afterwards by Talking Dead. Apparently all Broadcast Dubs are still going to be on the website for All Access, which is good because I have yet to seen Tokyo Ghoul and I don't want to start off with Season 2 via the dub.

    Also they have a HUGE selection of shows this time around that I honestly can't believe they can pull it off. In the ANN cast they said they wanted to do as many as they could and it seems like they can now do as many as 10.

    Currently watching Assassination Classroom, Death Parade and Yurikuma Arashi. All three are great and I really want to check out what their dubs are going to sound like. Also now I have new incentive to finally watch other shows I've heard good things about like The Rolling Girls and Maria The Virgin Witch now that they're getting dubbed too.

  • Is there any way to watch DubbleTalk episodes on my TV? I couldn't find it on the Funimation Roku app. Even if they can't stream the show live, it would be great to have access to archived episodes.

  • Dubble Talk is streamed live through Twitch.tv. I was able to go back and watch it after the live feed, but I don't know about on the TV. I guess find out if Twitch.tv has an app?

    Edit: It's also on Funimations Youtube channel, if that helps.

  • @paige62182:

    It's also on Funimations Youtube channel, if that helps.

    Thanks. I was able to watch the show on Roku's YouTube app.

  • I'm liking this quick dubbing of these new anime shows. We would normally have to wait a couple years for this and here we are getting it weeks later.

  • So in response to last week's premiere of the DubbleTalk Block, my friends Lilac, Megan, and myself got together and recorded our first impressions of the three main series that premiered that night. Here's part 1 of that review:


    Also, you should totally check out Lilac's Anime Reviews on her YouTube channel, whenever you have the time. ^_^


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