Switching from Dubbed to Subbed?

  • Hi all!

    I'm kinda new here on this forum. I watched all episodes till episode 372 in dub. I really can't wait till april for like 15 episodes to come out in dub. But I don't know if it's good either to switch in sub because i'm really used to dub.

    Also I spoiled a lot of things to myself :( Is it even worth to continue to watch?

    ! (Like I spoiled ace's death, sabo eat the same fruit that ace had, whitebeard war etc and a little bit of impel down)

    EDIT: Please use spoiler tags. Just because you spoiled it for yourself doesn't make it okay to spoil it for everyone else too. -SH

  • That's entirely up to you. There are over 300 episodes to go, plus more are coming out every week. That being said, if you want to stick with the dubs, then don't expect to catch up with the broadcast any time within the next few years.

    I personally switched to the subs after 372, and it was weird at first, but eventually, I didn't even notice. The subtitles are easy to understand, and the japanese voice actors don't sound radically different. However, I've gotta admit that now that I'm caught up with the broadcast, I am kind of sad. One 20 minute episode every week just doesn't get you very far in the current arc–it's barely enough time for Luffy to scratch his balls these days. He came face to face with the main villain of this arc like 5 episodes ago, and they still haven't fought yet. At one episode per week, I've spent over a month waiting for the fight to go down.

  • Yes Japanese dub is not bad. i think they did well than english dub after watching many of episodes. But problem is new episode comes only after a week means here on sunday.

    I think they should sync English dub with japanese. Also they should release a full chapter at one time. may be in gap of one or two months.

  • But if i switch to subbed, then I have to watch from 373 till where they are now. those 300+ episodes will take me like a half year (i did the 300 first episodes also a half year) and in that half year already more episodes will come out :)

    thanks for your help :D I will switch to dubbed :) :)

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