FUNimation 2.6 Update

  • This update brings you some new features and a faster experience overall.

    New Features:

    • For our subscribers only, we"ve added video player language and quality default settings to Account > Site & Profile Settings > General.

      • Short Version: This sets the default language and quality setting for episode 1 of every show or any show that is not already in your Watch History.
      • Long Version: To determine what to set the language and quality at, the player will first check the language and quality you watched the previous video in for that Show. If that is not available, then it will check your last setting changes that you made from the video player, which are saved as a cookie. If that is not available, then the player would have chosen SD and Dub as the settings before this update. With this update, instead of choosing SD and Dub, the player will follow the video player default settings in your Account assuming that those settings are available for that episode.
    • We"ve added Pass levels to the Access filter, so you can see what you can watch on all pages that list shows and videos, like on or on

    Updated Functionality:

    • We"ve made lots of changes to make your Queue and other site areas faster.
    • SubPass subscribers no longer have access to the bonus subscriber exclusive dubbed videos on the website. SubPass subscribers will still have access to the first 2-4 promotional dubbed episodes ad-free and in HD and all other free dubbed episodes with ads in SD. SubPass subscribers will still have access to ALL subtitled videos ad-free and in HD (when available), of course. ~_^
    • SubPass subscribers no longer have access to subscriber exclusive video extras, which include commentaries, events, interviews, and events. Most, if not all, of these videos are related to the English dubbed version.

    Bug Fixes:

    • We"ve fixed an issue where the Queue"s custom sort wasn"t saving after being manually sorted.
    • We"ve fixed an issue where thumbnails were not appearing in the video player"s playlist for other videos
    • We"ve fixed an issue where no text was displaying if a filter or search yielded 0 results.
    • We"ve fixed an issue were .0"s were appearing on video player pages.
    • We"ve fixed an issue where it was not possible to post show reviews (for a short period).
    • We"ve fixed an issue caused by navigating between a show"s reviews and the individual reviews.
    • We've fixed an issue that was causing your Queue on the apps to not stay in sync with the site and vice versa.

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