Why they stop here? Heaven lost property: Eternal my Master

  • This series was one of the best of all animes that ive seen why do they stop there with this kind of ending?
    B.Judge the way how the series was
    C. Rushed
    D. They just wanted to .-.
    E. Didnt care of there fans

    Theres many unsolved questions in the last movie like Nymph, Astrea, Sohara, Sugata, chaos, Hiyori and Mikako what happen to these guys?!? Is Mikako an Angeloid i remember her touching Ikaros head like a hacking or something only that angeloids can do and then they show a past mini clip and the angeloid who disable looks like Mikako wth??. Now i remember some of the dreams of tomo saying "save the angle from the sky" which is Daedalus and then is she saved on the series? no! They just end it by ikaros dying and tomo flying like an balloon on synapse. I reed the manga Where Tomo Fights Minus defeating him
    By a slap on the face and let him live at the last chapter when this happens He Said That His Going To Make An Stronger Angeloid .-. Then the manga ends. Suu Minazuki why did you end it like this! I don't understand this crap you should sit by Hisashi Saito (the director) and make this right like as soon as possible. But then even if we ask for a second movie or a third season which it will never happen you will need to fly to japan which i will by summer and have a word with him (well i will try to). Theres many rumors that they are fixing this which i think that they are not only way is the cashing! Yea thats right the money only way to show interest for them to continue is to buy theres mangas/series polls wont help at al since they wont care if you try to speak to them on facebook whatever where you speak to them you will be ignored like Tomo. To understand the ending you must read… I didnt want to read it but i had to understand what was happening on this mess.
    Things that i like on the last movie Ikaros confession, last kiss, her smile and the part when she begs to be his master again(tomo) it was so sad seeing ikaros cry like that broke my damn heart apart. I'll edit this later more things needs to be spoken... If anyone wants to talk about this they can send me an friend req on skype abdiel1021

  • do we really need another thread about this

  • ^ No we do not.


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