Got my copy! Anyone else?

  • I'm happy to finally have it - but is it just me, or is the English noticeably more quiet than the Japanese? More so than the menu music too which is good at "25" but loud at "90" which I had to push the English episodes up to.

    (This is specifically about the Blu-ray, haven't tried the dvds.)

  • I feel like that is an issue with most Funi titles, I think it has something to due with them being 5.1 and me always watching on a stereo TV.

    My biggest issue with this release is the names Funi used for their titles.
    Sen Yarizui- 氷結の魔女, Hyōketsu no Majo, literally witch of freezing, common fan choice Ice Witch, Funi goes with Ice-cold Witch which doesn't roll off the tongue as well.

    Brunette-茶髪, Chapatsu, which refers to brown hair, specifically dyed brown hair is called Hair Dye. This might have been done just to give her more character rather than just calling her Brunette?

    Ayame Shaga- Beauty by the Lake, 湖の麗人, Mizūmi no Reijin, Literally Beauty of the Lake. For some reason they choice to use Lady of the Lake, possibly to reference the King Arthur stories, though I don't see any reason on using it over Beauty of/by the Lake.

    I'm only 5 episodes in and only watching it subbed so far, but this kind of this is a bit jarring after being used to the titles I knew for 4 years.

  • So I just watched the dub with my buds, pretty good. I find it extremely odd that the Dub USES the CORRECT fan chosen titles for the characters, Ice Witch, Brunette, Beauty by the Lake. So why are the subs different? what possible reason could there be for it?

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