Shaman King

  • This is definently one of the best Shogen Jump anime out there as well as being one of the best things 4kids Entertainment had dubbed.

    What are your thought on this one?

    Because 4kids lost the licencing rights to this one, There is a possibility for another company to redub it. Here my recasting suggestions:

    Yoh Asakura-Yuri Lowenthal
    Morty Oyamada-Billy West
    Anna Kyoyama-Laura Bailey
    Amidamaru-Roger Bumpass
    Rio-Maurice LaMarche
    Len Tao-Carlos Alazraqui
    Trey Racer-Jason Spisak
    Faust VIII-Dwanye Hill
    Lyserg Diethel-Dannah Feinglass
    Zeke Asakura-Jeff Bennett
    Joco-Dwight Schultz
    Lei Pai-Long-Carlos Alazraqui
    Jun Tao-Kari Wahlgren
    Bason-Dwanye Hill
    Silva-Jim Cummings
    Marco-Maurice LaMarche
    Iron Maidan Jeanne-Kari Wahlgren
    Orona-David Kaye
    Lilly-Maria Bamford
    Millie-Colleen O'Saughnessy
    Savage Dan-Jess Harnell
    Sally-Mona Marshall
    Sharona-Maria Bamford
    Ellie-Kari Wahlgren
    Tokageroh-Jess Harnell
    Kalim-Eric Bauza
    En Tao-Darren Norris
    Liam Diethel-Sean Astin
    Nicrom-Chris Edgerly

  • Will it eventually be license rescued? Perhaps. Possibly by a company such as Discotek or Cinedigm who specializes in picking up old nostalgic shows like that.

    Will it be re-dubbed? Not a chance. Unless the show in question is Sailor Moon, old shows don't get re-dubs these days. It's just not financially feasible anymore.

    FUNimation tried it once - ONCE - with Initial D, and the result was pretty much a complete disaster. I highly doubt they'd ever want to make the same mistake a second time.

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