DVD for Season1 and 2 Uncensored?

  • Is it uncensored or still censored? And is the Funi edition for season2 has the same contents as with the Limited edition but with additional bells and whistles like promo items?

    I have seen at RightStuff there are two release of DVD for season1-Anime Classics (the same cover as sold at Funi store) and the other with different cover. What is the difference other than the 'Anime Classic' is published 2014 while the other is 2013? Both are published by Funimation

  • The home video release of Freezing Vibration will be uncensored.

    As for the differences between the original and the Anime Classics releases of season 1, the only thing that has been changed is the cover art. The disc content is exactly the same.

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