Roberta's Blood Trail OVA episodes and video clips

  • I have Black Lagoon as one of my favorite series on my tablet's app. I am wondering why is the video clips are in English dubbed but the actual episodes are subtitled? Why is there no English dubbed version as the video clips are in english dub? Its not fair if you think about it having the video clips dubbed and the actual episodes subtitled. When will those OVA's be in english dub? The OVA's was released in 2010 which is 5 years ago. I love to know why this is.

  • the OVA's are dubbed, and were released a while back. no idea why they aren't showing up on your tablet. might need to send in a support ticket

  • Hmmm…. You are signed in, right? Currently, the Roberta's Blood Trail OVAs are only available dubbed to subscribers, but seeing as you are one, they should be available.

    I agree with Getchman. Send in a support ticket and see if one of the admins can help you out.

  • Now I see it in dubbed form now.

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