WTF is this now?

  • So I started to watch this show, admittedly because of the hype, and I liked it a lot. Except once the new season started I got confused. Why has Kaneki done a 180 of character from sad shy guy desiring peace to psycho warrior type? Why did he join aogiri, when leading up to it they were made out to be his enemies? (they kidnapped and tortured him, threatened his friends, In episode 12 Rize mentions that they will destroy everything he loves). I enjoy all of the characters, and concepts in this show and it is hugely entertaining, but in the new episodes I can't shake the feeling like I missed something that makes sense of it. Is this something that will be cleared up in the future or have I really missed something? Help me out….......

    P.S. I am aware that the manga is more in depth but I haven't read it and I personally believe that an anime should be able to pass on its own without using the source material for a crutch. So please no spoilers or derisive comments about my ignorance. If it is something where I absolutely have to read the manga to get then just post "read the manga"

  • something Ishida, the guy who writes the manga, wanted to do. apparently. we are in uncharted waters now. I'm personally thinking this is a "what if" scenario. he had Kaneki take one path in the manga and is now having him take the other in the anime adaptation

  • Kaneki is doing it to protect the ones he loves. Call it "sleeping with the enemy" if you will. He can be right in the middle of Aogiri and know what they are up to. As for the psycho part…......torture took it's toll you could say. Hope I helped.

  • Kanecki is going down the " become a monster to defeat a monster" route to protect his friends within Anteiku, mainly Touka. Of course, it was probably the worst thing he could have done if he wanted to maintain any shred of sanity.

  • Is he eating aogiri members? I guess getting your hands and feet cut off repeatedly changes a guy. You get black nails and white hair and become the emo king. Would still fug him though.

  • I think he changed because he came to believe that all his losses in and life and all his unhappiness in his life were due to the fact that he was unable to do anything about it because he was weak, Ie without any abilities, fighting abilities I suppose.

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