• Funimation didn't write it. A mangaka (it's possible I misspelled this) in Japan wrote the story, and then a Japanese anime studio adapted it. Funimation merely licensed the English language rights so that we here in the US an Canada can enjoy it. Or not, as the case may be.

  • yay, spoilers!

    also, this is based off of a live action drama, so no manga or Light Novel

  • Ah… I'm wrong again. I seem to be good at that. It's what I get for not checking my facts before I speak. Er... Type.

  • Watch it with that confrontational tone there, pal. -_-

    But yes, just as Paige and Getch explained above, FUNimation is not to blame for the plot here because FUNimation Does Not Make Anime.

    If you want to blame anyone, blame Kiyoko Yoshimura for writing the script of this episode, Eri Nagata for directing the episode, and Studio MAPPA for actually producing the episode as well as the rest of the series.

  • why the hate boys. overall second season was VERY good and left me wanting more each episode. first season was little dry but overall i think this was a good show and would love to seen a sequel with a time skip.

  • Actually, the guy who wrote the script/ story was a little-known character/ creature designer and director named Keita Amemiya. GARO was one of his works, with the original series having debuted in 2005.

    No, seriously, look it up.

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