Found out about an upcoming anime

  • So I found out about an anime by the name of Food Wars Shokugeki no Soma.
    Looks like it could be interesting to watch (the trailer made me hungry for more). I was wondering of the chance of funimation acquiring the rights to this.

  • To be honest, this looks like the type of show Funi would Simulcast. We'll see. Hopefully it will be announced for the Spring/Summer lineup. fingers crossed

    The show looks good. Thanks for the find. I'll be keeping my eyes on it to see what streaming service acquires the rights.

  • I'm looking forward to this one, as I'm presently making my way through the manga, and am finding it an enjoyable read. It has a genuinely strong and likeable main character, good food and challenging cooking competitions, and even a smattering of ecchi, if that's to your taste. I hope it's picked up by one of the streaming services.

  • I too would like to see FUNimation grab this series, but unfortunately they haven't had much luck recently getting titles from Warner Japan. To this day JoJo and Terraformars remain unlicensed.

    We'll just have to wait until Springtime and cross our fingers, I suppose. :hmm:

  • They haven't had too many problems with the Selector series, Railgun S, the Index Movie, or Shana III, while Sentai hasn't had any problems with Arcana Famiglia or the Little Busters series

    Coincidentally, all these shows are from J.C.Staff, who is also responsible for Food Wars, so

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