Kaneki Did Nothing Wrong

  • Any thoughtss???

  • Are you referring to his manga decision? or the second season anime version where he joins Aoigiri? In both versions he is in a dark place in my opinion. The newest episode of √A was amazing with Amon saying "Did you lie to me about what you said. Did you not mean it?" Then Kaneki began to cry. If you haven't seen it you need to watch it right away. Personally I can see why he joined Aogiri and that he is just trying to protect the ones he cares about. But do I think he is in the wrong? Yes I do. What do you think?

  • Yup, I agree. It would have been better for himself and Anteiku to have returned to his prior life. As it is now, Aogiri is allowing him to indulge all the madness and corruption in his own soul, as well as Rize's consciousness within him. There would have to be one heck of a Deus ex machina to redeem his sanity and soul at this point.

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