Well sadly root A is being stalled time to wait for BD

  • Sadly the horrific immersion breaking censorship that ruins this show is back. It just seems like a shady tactic to sell blu rays but o well i have seen much more violent shows not be censored. Parasyte the maxim Akame ga kill and so many more. So to see Vaseline smears white god rays and black outs and blinding white lights just ruins it. So sadly wait 8 months for the anime to be released properly

  • If I have my information correct, what you're getting is the exact content that aired on the Japanese television broadcast for the simulcast. Funimation can't really do anything about what the Japanese companies give them to stream for simulcasting, but once the companies release the unedited versions to Funimation and they get them ready for sale, you'll get it.

  • That seems odd considering i have seen much more Gorey shows be uncut Tokyo ghoul is the only show in recent memory to censor at all or even this heavy.

  • Uncut for broadcast on TV, like on Toonami? I haven't. Most shows that are broadcast on TV will be censored. Once Funimation receives the content for a DVD/BD release, it will be uncensored content.

  • well look at the currently airing parasyte the maxim or akame ga kill as two examples of no censorship at all i do not watch anime on tv at all only on streams on crunchy or funimation or on blu ray disc

  • weird thing is, AkG was censored in japan. had white beams and stuff. somehow CR got the uncensored version. your right, it is annoying and is a mix of seemingly inconsistent broadcasting standards and an attempt to get more disk sales

  • @greenthejoker:

    Tokyo ghoul is the only show in recent memory to censor at all or even this heavy.

    Terraformars says hi.

  • the currently airing Isuca and Testament of New Devil Sister also send their regards

  • It all depends on the licensing agreement. It also can depend on whether the show is showing on a premium channel in Japan, or on regular broadcast television, only.

    We almost never censor shows in any way– if there is censorship, it is on the materials we receive from the creators and licencors in Japan.

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