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  • Ok so I'm at an impass here in my anime viewing life: I've kind of binged watched all the ones that caught my attention and can't think of any more to watch. More like, I don't know what else is there that could keep me interested. So far my list of favorites, that has no real order to is:

    Akame Ga Kill, Attack on Titan, Fate/Zero, High School DxD, Hellsing Ultimate, Log Horizon, Naruto Shippuden, Trinity Seven, RWBY, D-Frag, and Steins;Gate

    Others i've watched:
    Aria Scarlet Ammo, Dragonar Academy, Tokyo Ghoul, Fate/Stay Night (the old one), Is this a zombie?, Ben-To, and Date A Live

    I like action, lots and lots of action I mean my favorites carry action with a story that either blows my mind or I am able to follow. I do like politics (Log Horizon), philosophy (RWBY? definitely Fate/Zero), really just ones that make me think, like Steins;Gate or the first half of Death Note (stopped watching after he sacrificed his note because it was ludicrous).

    Oh dear god I absolutely hated Sword Art Online, the old Fate/Stay Night, and Tokyo Ghoul. I only continued watching them thinking they get better till they didn't. I actually got half way through sao (S1) then skipped to the end when they started a new game just to see how Kirito kicks antagonist butt, not impressed. I only kept watching Tokyo Ghoul because I was told it was similar to AoT. Really holding out till I get new seasons, or end of fillers (god damnit Naruto, just go back to Madara already!).

    Tl;dr I like action, politics, philosophy, and logic, help me find something that I could find enjoyable please!

  • Hi there. We've already got an official Anime Recommendations thread stickied at the very top of this forum, so please use it from now on. You can find it here:

    I'll be closing this thread down. Feel free to post what you wrote here in the official thread if you like. :)

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