Uresei yatsurai and dother older anime

  • I don't know if I speeled it right I think the English translation is magical space princess lum I think this need do be dubbed abd released also I think funiation should dub and release and release older dubbed anime. all there rleses currently are all rleativly new series.

  • Funimation doesn't license older anime that have been previously unreleased. Even if they did they wouldn't dub it because it wouldn't sell enough to recoup costs. Not many anime companies do license old unreleased anime, the only one I can think of is Nozomi entertainment (they don't dub it either)

  • Torrin is right. Something as old and obscure as Urusei Yatsura is definitely not the type of thing that's on FUNimation's radar. For something like that, you'd have better luck with Nozomi or Discotek. :hmm:

    And the chance of it ever getting dubbed is quite literally 0%, I'm afraid. Even the original release from AnimEigo was sub-only, and that came out back in the day where almost EVERYTHING was getting dubbed.

  • They did experiment with a dub for Urusei Yatsura. Only did two episodes and nothing more. Its even harder to find since they renamed it "Those Obnoxious Aliens" for the one and only VHS release. Never seen it myself, but it does exist.

  • but what about anime that has been dubbed but need to be relereleased on dvd or hasn't been releasd on dvd like shaman king medbots or zoids. also they nned to finish releasing kodacha as a sve title.

  • ^ Again, for shows like the ones you listed there, you'd have much better luck looking to Nozomi or Discotek, possibly even Cinedigm/New Video in the case of Shaman King or Medabots.

    Unless it's revered as a timeless classic or they get it as a package deal with a bunch of other license rescues, FUNi ain't really interested.

  • I think funi should take a risk a move out of its comfort zone.

  • @majidude35:

    I think funi should take a risk a move out of its comfort zone.

    They've tried that a few times. Once in particular with Initial D.

    It did NOT work out so well…. :hmm:

  • well that seems like a while ago they should try again

  • @majidude35:

    well that seems like a while ago they should try again

    I don't think it is a matter of "comfort zone" so much as it's a matter of "money zone." FUNimation is in the business of making money, and that is primarily in the production of dubs and the distribution of newer fresh anime. Eventually even their own older titles become obsolete, and/or have their licenses unrenewed.

    I would love for Urusei Yatsura to get a rerelease; but unless a company like Nozomi, Lucky Penny, Eastern Star (Discotek), or Maiden Japan pick it up, it's pretty much eternally lost to the void of has-been anime.

    As for trying again… well... that's just wishful thinking. And I for one can wish alot.

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