How much is real?

  • So, I think this week's episode proved pretty well that not everything we see on the screen is actually happening. Whatever happens with the rosy background is pretty clearly Ginko's fantasy. But what about in the previous episodes? Are the "Yuri Trials" actually happening? Is the "Invisible Storm" ritual real, or just a metaphor? There is so much going on with this show, that it's hard for me to be sure, so what do you all think?

  • Because Ikuhara.

    That's why.

  • With this show, I'm not taking very much of it literally. Most of it is metaphorical or symbolic, because yeah, Ikuhara loves that stuff.

  • Those reviews on ANN might help ~_^

  • Thanks for the advice. I went ahead and read the reviews, and some of the ideas there seem interesting. It seems to me, though, that the reviewer goes a bit too far when she says that bears eating people is all just a metaphor. If that were actually true, and no one is actually dead, there'd be no reason for the twist regarding

    ! Sumika's true killer. Just because some things are symbolic doesn't mean nothing is real.

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