Anime list of dubbs needed for upcoming series

  • Trinity seven, Sword art online 2, heaven's lost property final movie, strike the blood,Isuca, ichigo 100%,high school dxd born,high school dxd specials, freezing vibrations, maken ki battling venus 2, sekeri 2, shinmai mauo no testament, tokyo ghoul, absolute duo,11 eyes, angel beats specials, bento picture drama, date alive 2, deadman wonderland ova, death parade,high school dxd specials, high school of the dead drifters of the dead,kanokon specials,mm specials,shuffle memories,walkure romanze,senran kagura,sankarea,daimidlaer the sound robot,dakara boku wa h ga dekinai, haganai season 3,seirei tsuki no blade dance and thats all so far thanks for all of your hard work and i hope to hear from you in the future.

  • oh dear, 10 of those are licensed by other companies.

    Freezing Vibrations, Sekirei 2, Deadman Wonderland OVA, High School of the Dead: Drifters, Sankarea and Senran kagura have all been dubbed

    only one show on this list can be classified as "upcoming"

    one show doesn't even exist

    fail list is fail

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