On-site PM message indicator.

  • I love these forums, and I really like to hear from people if they have something to say that's not necessarily something they would like the general public to know about. I have email notifications turned off because I don't like to fill up my inbox with them. Is there some way that you could add an on-site indicator that you have received a PM? I've missed some time-sensitive messages because I didn't think to check them every day. I'm not talking anything huge or flashy. Like turn my login name at the top of the screen a different color when I have a message or something. Some boards have a pop-up when you have a new message.

  • I'd like to echo this suggestion. I try to check my inbox regularly since I also have email notifications turned off (I find them annoying because they clutter up my email), but if it's at all possible a little on-site note saying "You have an unread message" would be great.

  • Please consider this

  • This should be doable. Thanks!

    This was another planned feature that had to be postponed in favor of other development.

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