Show playback position when scrubbing

  • It would be handy if, in the player, when using the mouse to drag the playback position, the time of the playback cursor was displayed. Currently it's very difficult to seek to a specific time in a show (either for resume, or skipping opening credits, or watching a part again, etc.) – you just kind of have to drag the playback position to a place that kind of seems right, and if it's not, keep trying until you narrow it down to where you want to be.

    Perhaps the current position timer could display the mouse position when dragging, or a little pop-up timer could appear above the cursor. Most video players have this ability in some form or another but it's missing from the Funimation web player (Phunware's player does it, something like that).

  • Thank you! I'm sure we can implement something like that. I agree, that it is a standard feature of most players.

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