Did FUNimation not get Version 3 of "We are"

  • Well I was crunchy roll and noticed that the openings where the same for quite a very long time, i'm at 413 now and yep still the same.
    From what I gather it was supposed begin at 373. Sure we don't have that ep. on DVD yet, but the same thing happened with fishman island and punk hazard, we didn't get opening "hands up" (I'm not going to link it any of the openings just look for it on youtube "we are opening 10"

    So is this just another song/opening that we wont get due to licensing issues?

  • Well, we won't find out til April whether we get opening 10. I did notice that Opening 9 still plays all through Thriller Bark, and so far most of the Summit War saga (Not finished watching it, at part where they escape Impel Down) But also, that isn't the dub on Crunchy Roll, so who knows, may still get it.

  • if you watch it on hulu the openings are there. funi just links hulu's video. Apparently crunchyroll is the one who couldn't get the license for the song.

  • Yea funi has the rights to the song. It's crunchy that doesn't have it. Hulu is partnered with funimation, NOT crunchy roll.

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